Relationship Design

Featured Video: How to Provide Equality in Threesomes

There is more to a successful threesome than just getting three compatible partners together. Charlie and Arienne discuss how to balance a threesome and make sure all members feel like equal participants.

The beauty about relationships is that you can design your relationship in any way you desire.

A healthy relationship has strong, honest communication patterns and is minus elements of coercion or abuse. Coercive relationships are unions where one partner abusively dominates the other. Not to be confused with Power Exchange relationships where partners develop contracts (with a large dose of healthy communication) of desires and behavior during scenes as predetermined, the tactics used with coercion often involve manipulation, threats, as well as sexual or physical abuse. Though many involved in these types of abusive relationships may mistake intensity for intimacy, it’s important to know and recognize their differences. Healthy communication elements and an overall feeling of high self-worth are usually indicators that a relationship has developed patterns of enhancement.

Treating your relational intimacy as your own is an important goal in achieving relationship satisfaction. A healthy sex life that involves intimacy and acknowledgement as well as fidelity and understanding is important. Partners that are able to speak openly about their arousal network and personal desires are usually healthier both physically and emotionally. Like the old adage says, “Secrets make us sick”, and couples that are able to achieve transparency together and together design their intimacy in any form they choose are the happiest you’ll find.

SexBecause answers all of your questions with their videos and private sessions to help you design your relationship that enhances everyone involved.


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