Welcome to SexBecause with Charlie and Arienne

Charlie and Arienne are psychotherapists, educators, great dancers, kink friendly, musicians and self proclaimed rock stars!

Their blend of sound clinical principles mixed with comedic off the cuff response have made them one of the most sought after clinical teams internationally as keynote speakers and sex and relationship experts. This twosome provides online therapy to individuals and couples all over the world by limiting language barriers with a translation platform designed to translate over 100 languages!


Charlie and Arienne are quickly becoming known as The Sex and Relationship Resource with their Knowledge Bank series. Some have called it the “Wikipeda of Sex and Relationships with over 1,000 videos and 7,200 blogs in 8 languages covering every topic relevant and imaginable to sex and making a relationship of any design succeed. With over 25 years of clinical experience, in the office and online, as well as having true passion for one another, the result can be impulsive and balanced all at the same time.

Watch the team discuss PTSD, addiction recovery, abuse recovery, anger management, anxiety and more! 


In relationships you typically have one questions to answer, “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy”. SexBecause provides a segue way to harmony in both. Singles welcome. Open, honest communication always appreciated.

Over 1000+ videos on sex and relationships. From communication to BDSM and Kink.


Charlie and Arienne believe sexuality is as unique as a fingerprint due to its complex development influenced by biological factors, past interpersonal relationships, and societal messages. One size does not fit all and their treatment approach is specific to each person’s or couple’s needs. Book the Williams to facilitate sexual function, explore psychological blocks, heal a sexually distressing past, enhance communication or just to explore and ask questions.

Book them for your next online session and remember your first discussion is free!

Therapy and Recovery

Watch Charlie and Arienne share years of knowledge and experience in the Sex Because Therapy and Recovery Series.

Training and Education

Want to know how much you don't know about sex? This video series has content for beginners as well as sex experts.

Lifestyle Awareness

So you think you understand the basics of polyamory and BDSM? What you don't know might shock you. Click for more!

Complete Video Series

Click here to see everything Charlie and Arienne have to offer in the complete video series.